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To write a thesis

How to apply

All candidates wishing to write a thesis must submit an application to the Doctoral School (Paris-Est Sup), but before doing so, the candidate must contact the head of the laboratory or a thesis director directly in order to put together his or her application file.
See the researchers in the ACP Laboratory ...

Doctoral applications are submitted to the Doctoral School by the candidate’s chosen laboratory. Please note that any application sent directly to the Doctoral School will not be considered.

All candidates for admission to the doctoral programme are invited by the Doctoral School to attend an interview.

In the event of a joint supervision of a thesis between Paris-Est Sup and a higher education establishment in a foreign country, please consult the information on joint thesis supervision on the Doctoral School website ...


Registration for the doctorate is carried out at Paris-Est Sup. It is announced by the head of the institution at the proposal of the director of the Doctoral School on the basis of the opinion of the thesis director and the head of the research unit. It signifies the applicant has been accepted on the courses offered by the Doctoral School.

The Charte des thèses (Thesis Charter) is signed during the first year of the thesis by the doctoral student, his/her thesis director, the director of the Doctoral School and the head of the Laboratory.

During the preparation of the thesis, the doctoral student is fully integrated into his/her research unit.

ACP doctoral students are hosted by the Cultures et Sociétés  Doctoral School (ED 529 CS). All doctoral registrations and re-registrations at Paris-Est Sup are to be made on the ADUM platform.

The programme

Doctoral students can register for seminars and other training modules offered by the Doctoral Schools of Paris-Est Sup. Registration is made on the ADUM platform.

ACP is involved in the organisation of the training programme, notably by coordinating the Enquêtes seminar ("Surveys").

Doctoral students’ workshops ...