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Work, Employment, Power

Axis 3 “Work, employment, power” aims to question social relations and power relations through labour activities by making use of the questions, methods, tools and references from the different disciplines that structure the laboratory. The aim is to examine the complexity of professional identities.

It is not a question of making a history, a geography or a sociology of work, but of questioning over the long term the diversity of the social configurations expressed at work, as well as the micro-dynamics of power that circulate in the workplace.

Axis 3 Participants

Amandine Chapuis, Cécile Collinet, Christian Delacroix, Matthieu Delalandre (coord.), Pascale Girard, Jeanne-Maud Jarthon, Corine Maitte, Antoine Marsac, Sophie Moreau, Jérémy Pierre, Nicoletta Rolla, Frédéric Saly-Giocanti, Matthieu Scherman (coord.), Pierre-Olaf Schut, Didier Terrier, Myriam Trima