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Circulations of People and Material and Cultural Objects

The common problematic of Axis 4 is that of circulations and transfers. In order to deal with such a vast perspective, based on distinct issues and fields, twenty or so researchers have come together to produce a joint epistemological study.

First of all, it is a question of analysing the structuring of the relations between circulations – both human and financial – and the production of diasporic identities associated with urban transformations. As a counterpoint, we are interested in the circulations of more properly immaterial objects: political, cultural, urban or legal norms. The precept stated by Michel Espagne in 2013 takes on its full meaning here: “To transfer is not to transport, but rather to metamorphose”. Finally, a third theme brings together researchers wishing to analyse ‘travel’ as a useful step aside, capable of grasping the articulations between the local and the global.

Axis 4 Participants

Isabelle Avila, Audrey Bertrand, Maud Chirio, Armelle Choplin, Florent Chossière, Jean-Marc Fevret, Antoine Franzini, Gabrielle Frija, Pascale Girard, Mathilde Larrère, Vincent Lemire, Georges Lomné (coord.), Corine Maitte, Giuliano Milani, Sophie Moreau, Frédéric Moret, Mari Oiry-Varacca, Nicoletta Rolla, Pierre Savy, Matthieu Scherman, Jens Schneider, Loïc Vadelorge, Anne-Emmanuelle Veïsse, Serge Weber (coord.)