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Institutions, Actions and Logics of Power

In Axis 2 “Institutions, actions and logics of power” two lines of research converge: sociological investigations on the impact of public policies and historical analyses on political dynamics considered outside of their spatial dimension (unlike Axis 1). This convergence, which aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, is based on the observation that in both cases, the research questions the interaction between formal and informal institutions (cities, local institutions, states and international organisations, parties, organisations, interest groups). The results achieved in the previous contract suggest that the plurality of the political subjects involved should be the focus of attention, a plurality that is particularly present in the urban context that serves as a framework for most of the analyses.

Consideration of this plurality will make it possible to avoid the reduction of political relations to inflexible opposition between public institutions and private parties, which is insufficient to understand past and contemporary societies. In order to interpret the complexity of the relations between participants in the public sphere, the research carried out in this axis will revolve around three interconnected themes: instances of redefinition, conflicts and representations.

Axis 2 Participants

Valérie Auclair, Audrey Bertrand, Thierry Bonzon, Maud Chirio, Cécile Collinet (coord.), Matthieu Delalandre, Gabrielle Frija, Jeanne-Maud Jarthon, Mathilde Larrère, Vincent Lemire, Georges Lomné, Giuliano Milani (coord.), Frédéric Moret, Marion Philippe, Jérémy Pierre, Diane Roussel, Jens Schneider, Pierre-Olaf Schut